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“The essence of lawmanship is effective communication executed
with an aristocratic dignity no longer common in the colonies…
It is about, inter alia, being neighbourly but only when harm is
reasonably foreseeable, riding the Clapham Omnibus to Boots
Cash Chemist and using Latin words but only when English words
simply will not do (you will be surprised how often this is the case)...” 

Prominent barrister, politician, chalker of the Cerne Abbas Giant and bon vivant Bullstrode Whitelocke K.C. has provided a longoverdue answer to the question that has vexed leading thinkers throughout history: how does one improve one’s Lawmanship? 
Whitelocke has distilled a lifetime of experience, meditation and trial-and-error (of law and fact) into this frank, fearless and highly readable text, which will almost certainly come to be regarded as the last word on this contentious topic.

For A$20 you can purchase a lifetime of legal hilarity.

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