Sunday, April 4, 2010

Whitelocke: On Lawmanship 3rd Edition review

Although it is well known to be the epicentre of the communist/papist/federalist push to dismantle the Sydney Metro project, from time to time I find myself idly perusing the pages of Sydney University student magazine 'Honit Soit'.

If nothing else, reading these pages stained with the blood of common sense reminds me of the good old days when, wearing nothing more than a dignified expression and joined by my good friends Andrew Peacock and Peter Jensen I would lecture for hours in the grounds of St John's College on subjects as diverse as the dangers of the fast line out and the place of the Ascot in a modern man's attire.

Imagine my surprise when, recently, I came across a review of my own book On Lawmanship 3rd Edition.

To read this compelling account of of the most important legal text since Magna Carta, click here or on the graphic below and click through to page 11.

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